Bear-proof Electric Fence

Bear-proof Electric Fence

By Center for Nature and Society, Peking University & Shanshui Conservation Center.

Keywords: Asia, Bear, Rural, Poster

Media: Poster, Infographic

Public: Local Communities

Tone: Informal

Language: Chinese

The poster explains, using fun graphics, how to build electric fences and how they work to protect property from bear visits. The text is reduced to a minimum, letting the drawings explain the content. An example of infographic that can be used to build materials for communities.

Founded in 2007, the Shanshui Conservation Center is a Chinese NGO that deals with conservation practices. Together with partners such as communities, academic institutions, government, business and media, the association supports local initiatives to protect the environment and nature on which we all depend. Shanshui works on the most biologically diverse areas: Sanjiangyuan, the mountains of South-west China, and the Lancang River Basin.

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