Knowledge is like a garden, if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested, and by 'cultivated' we mean collected and by 'harvested' we mean shared! Our resources aim to be a place where any professional working for human-wildlife coexistence can share their experience and learn about best practices from other projects, countries and species. Let's cultivate and harvest knowledge together.


Discover the finest collection of communication materials that promote coexistence and flick through archives from all over the world.

Compare The Techniques

Explore the section that allows you to compare diverse techniques used to mitigate conflict with one same species.

Coexistence Resources

Coexistence resources is a collection of guidelines and activities created to promote coexistence in communities living close to wildlife and to involve the younger generations while educating them to coexist with wildlife in their communities. Learn more about the programs that are being developed and implemented with

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