Chilli Fence

Chilli Fence

By Assam Haathi Project

Keywords: India, Elephant, Rural, Brochure, Poster

Media: Poster, Brochure

Public: Local Communities

Tone: Informal

Language: English

This poster, created by the Assam Haati Project, aim to describe different techniques used to prevent elephants from attacking crops. The poster is organized with images and text. The text occupies an important part of the poster. Here you can find information on how to construct a chilli fence.

The Assam Haathi Project (AHP) began in 2004 and is a collaboration between Chester Zoo (UK) and EcoSystems-India. It has been funded by the Darwin Initiative and Chester Zoo. The aim of the project is to empower the local communities to take responsibility for deterring elephants from causing damage to their property and crops and create a sustainable co-existence for people and elephants.

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