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Helps communication to express its full power in promoting Human-Wildlife Coexistence.

About Coexistence

Coexistence.life is a collaborative project that values the experience, wisdom, culture and sensitivity of those in the field to build a future where human-wildlife coexistence is possible and desirable. To do this we share our knowledge to increase global commitment.

Sharing knowledge

Wildlife shares knowledge among their own species to thrive, and so do we. Here you will find a collection of communication materials used worldwide to promote coexistence with different species and a link to a survey to share your knowledge in coexistence to support all species thrive.

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“A bear is wrong in that he killed a cow, a cow is wrong in that she went to the forest”


Russian Proverb


“Until the lions have their historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter ”


South African Proverb

“When there are no great tigers in the deep mountains, even a monkey can become king ”


Chinese proverb

“ The eye of the leopard is on the goat, and the eye of the goat is on the leaf.”


Ethiopian Proverb

“When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game”


German proverb



Help us to keep this project alive and the discussions going. The goal is a harmonious future for us all, whether two or four-legged.