World’s Biggest Wildlife Crossing will be planned on the 101 in Los Angeles

The world biggest wildlife crossing in LA

By Elisabetta Filosi

November 25, 2020

LA County has a large mountain lion population and, believe it or not, they survive around the US second largest city. Of course, the extensive development of the area created isolated habitat and the environment is sliced up by huge roads like the famous 101. Many wild life roads killing and car accident occur every year and, moreover, it is now hard for animals to join other populations and the risk of genetic isolation is getting higher and higher. Mountain lions are the most endangered and they risk the extinction in the area, but the overpass will be crucial also for all the other animals that are showing a decline in genetic diversity.

Photo: Courtesy Living Habitats LLC/National Wildlife Federation

The project will be the largest bridge of its kind in the world and it will cross the 10-lane freeway just north of the city. It will be the first in a dense urban area, more than 50 meters wide is designed to be as quiet and dark as possible; it will be covered in trees and other vegetation, so the wildlife will feel comfortable and secure in crossing it.

Ground will break in 2021, so let’s hope to see it soon and let it be a model for what others can do in urban area to help wildlife.

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