The ‘Godzilla Wolf’ of Coexistence

New interesting strategies for Coexistence from Japan

By Anna Sustersic

November 13, 2020

We are particularly affectionate to solutions for coexistence that contain elements of simplicity and recall solutions that have already been effectively tested by nature. A short time ago we talked about the eyes painted on the back of cows as a solution to frighten predators, today we talk about the ‘wolf on command’.

This solution has been effectively experimented in some areas of Hokkaido Island in Japan, to scare away bears that have become an increasingly dangerous nuisance in the countryside. It is a Monster Wolf robots has four legs, a shaggy body, blond mane and red, glowing eyes. When its motion detectors are activated, it moves its head, flashes lights and emits sounds ranging from wolfish howling to machinery noises. The maker, Ohta Seiki, has sold about 70 units since 2018.

From a first analysis it seems that the solution has proved to be very effective in keeping bears at a distance. Probably like other solutions of this kind, it works well for a while, then the animals learn. But probably an integration of different tools, used for a time to prevent habituation, would be very useful.

In any case, it seems to us a very effective cue to tell stories of coexistence.


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