Mapping snakes in Uttarakhand (India) for safer coexistence with humans.

Not just mammals! There a lot of different animals we have to coexist with. Communication and Learning help to mitigate conflicts.

By Elisabetta Filosi

January 19, 2021

A noble project that aims to develop a database of venomous and non-venomous snakes and an inventory of human-snake conflict. Uttarakhand, (India) is carrying out a state-level snake mapping project and it is training local communities in snake rescue and conflict mitigation. In this Himalayan region there is a need to enhance the capacities of local communities in proper rescue techniques. In the area there is a snake rescue team with a snake rescue helpline. Usually their response takes place within an hour, but there are a lot of remote area that are not easy to reach. In these areas, the locals have developed their snake rescue techniques which are not completely safe for them or the snake. That’s why this conflict mitigation project wants to train the locals in the proper rescue techniques and provide them with the right equipment.
When the Covid situation will be better and it will allow for safe one-on-one training, the snake rescue teams will visit the villages and provide training to the people.

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