“Io non ho paura del lupo” e “Coexistence.life” get together for #justCoexist

A new important collaboration is born

By Elisabetta Filosi

February 16, 2021

The association “Io non ho paura del lupo” o and “Coexistence.life” have recently signed a collaboration agreement to connect the two realities and strengthen the communication activities dedicated to human-wildlife coexistence. Two similar realities that have decided to forge a partnership that turns its gaze from Italy to a more international profile.

Coexistence.life is a project that aims to express the full potential of communication in promoting a balanced coexistence with wildlife around the world. Coexistence.life is part of PAMS Foundation, an NGO that have been acting in Tanzania and in the United States for over 10 years and in Italy since 2018. PAMS’ mission is to empower people who are living in high-nature areas and to engage them in wildlife protection. PAMS’s main goals are to protect endangered species and to promote awareness of the real value that wildlife and wild areas have for our planet.

Io non ho paura del lupo is an association founded in 2016 that promotes through concrete actions the development and maintenance of a sustainable system that allows the balance between nature and human activities. One of its goal is to ensure, as far as possible, the protection of these activities but also the survival and well-being of animal populations, first of all the wolf ones.

The purpose of this collaboration is to promote (by the hashtag #justCoexist) multimedia content useful for the purpose of telling, encouraging, stimulating and promoting human-wildlife coexistence.
The two realities will make use of all the multimedia tools available to spread a clear and scientific communication, creating content that can testify how, in a complex context such as communication on large carnivores and coexistence with them, it is necessary to join forces and act together.

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